Thursday, March 8, 2012

Artist: Alta Moda, Album: Alta Moda, Song: Julian

In 1987, Molly Johnson and Norman Orenstein teamed up to release the self titled debut for Alta Moda.  This would be the first of two collaborations between these two musicians.  This Toronto band only released one album before breaking up.  The record was produced by Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Human League).  They were mis-labelled as being American funk and "too black" which led to some radio stations refusing to play their material.  They actually refused a Juno nomination for Julian because it was in the R&B category.  Speaking with the time of it's release in mind, I think the song Julian was more New Wave than R&B.  It's a shame formats were so restrictive back then.  The album isn't available on Itunes but you can buy new and used copies on and  There were also vinyl copies on Ebay at the time of this blog selling under $10.  You can also see the video on You Tube (

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