Sunday, April 24, 2011

Artist: Veal, Album: Tilt O' Whirl, Song: Skid

"So one day I'm gonna get the last word.  I'm gonna catch that bastard and make him pay."  Veal were a three piece rock band from Vancouver.  They were Luke Doucet, Chang and Howard Redekopp.  The band released their debut indie album in 1996 and followed it up in 1999 with his album, Tilt O' Whirl.  Luke formed the band following a stint in Sarah McLachlan's band as a nineteen year old guitarist!  Bassist Howard Redekopp would leave the band following this release and make a name for himself as a producer/engineer on some big time records by Tegan And Sara (see blog 9/15/10) as well as the New Pornographers.  He would be replaced by Nik Kozub for one last album in 2003 before the band broke up for good.  Nik would then go on to form the Shout Out Out Out Out.  The song, Skid, is from the Tilt O' Whirl release.  I first heard the song on a CFNY 102.1 new music search compilation.  It's a great power pop tune.  You can purchase the album on Itunes.  Luke Doucet began his solo career just before Veal released their final album.  He has since been nominated for a Juno twice and both times, lost to fellow Manitoban, Neil Young.  He's also produced albums for bands like Captain Tractor (see blog 1/27/11), NQ Arbuckle (see blog 11/16/10) as well as his wife, Melissa McClelland. You can follow him at  You can read about Veal at  You can hear the song, Skid, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!