Friday, April 15, 2011

Artist: Gravelberrys, Album: Bowl Of Globes, Song: Wonder Where You Are Tonight

"Doing nothing, watching TV, listening to Little Stevie, wonder where you are tonight."  The Gravelberrys were a short lived indie band from Toronto who released their one and only album, Bowl Of Globes, in 1992.  The band had a few different musicians during it's short time but the main contributor was lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, Paul Myers.  One of the earliest incarnations of the band included bassist, Glenn Olive.  Glenn had been with the band, The Arrows, for their 1985 release, The Lines Are Open.  A very big album in Canadian 80's history.  Bowl Of Globes was produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda at Reaction Studios in Toronto.  He's become a household name in Canadian music production having worked with bands like the Barenaked Ladies and the Rheostatics.  The lead off track, Wonder Where You Are Tonight, is a perfect power pop tune with clever lyrics.  The song got some decent airplay regionally but the album itself became very hard to find fast.  I searched for years, for a copy of this disc before finding one at Recordland in Calgary.  Paul's brother is actually actor/comedian, Mike Myers.  Paul relocated to California in the late nineties and still resides there today.  He is both a writer and musician.  He has published an authorized biography of the Barenaked Ladies.  He has also published a book about the life of Long John Baldry and has a new book out about Todd Rundgren.  You can follow him at  You can hear the song, Wonder Where You Are Tonight, on You Tube (  At the time of this blog, I couldn't find any copies for sale online.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!