Monday, March 19, 2012

Artist: Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent, Album: Route 666, Song: Leather Pants

Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent are a rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They were formed by front man, Bill Boyd-Wilson, during the early nineties.  Bill was born in England but spent his adult life in Canada.  He studied film at UCLA and animation at Sheridan College before turning to music.  You can check out some of his work at  He later shared an apartment with some members of The Cowboy Junkies (see blog 2/13/11) and soon turned his interest to music.  He formed the band, Cadillac Bill & The Creeping Bent, and they released their debut in 1991.  Their sound is a mix of Ian Drury ("Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll) coupled with rockabilly and garage rock.  They received a fair bit of regional acclaim during the early nineties and their music was played on college radio as well as CFNY in Toronto.  They toured Canada in support of a number of artists like The Headstones, Big Sugar, Teenage Head (see blog 10/3/10) and The Gruesomes (see blog 4/28/11).  Many of their early releases were either cassette only or had limited pressings.  They did release an album in 2006 entitled, Route 666.  It included one of their earlier singles from 1991 called, Boomerang.  The album opener entitled, Leather Pants, is another great tune from this release and you can check it out at  You can also hear the song at  The band recently posted a new song on their Reverbnation page so perhaps a new release is not far off.  You can follow them at  You can purchase the album, Route 666, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!