Saturday, February 19, 2011

Artist: By Divine Right, Album: Bless This Mess, Song: Come For A Ride

"Come for a ride y'all.  Come feel alright.  I'm getting high y'all.  Come for a ride."  By Divine Right are a rock band from Toronto that started up in the late eighties.  The main constant member through the years is singer Jose Miguel Contreras.  The band released a few indie albums before their 1997 release was picked up by Nettwerk Records.  That album led to this album, Bless This Mess, in 1999, which featured Leslie Feist and Brendan Canning (Broken Social Scene) as band members.  The lead off track was this song, Come For A Ride, which got some very good radio and video play in Canada.  The band would go on to release 4 more albums, the latest in 2009.  The band has included a number of individuals from other Canadian acts like the Meligrove Band and have toured China.  They are currently signed to indie label, Hand Drawn Dracula.  You can follow them at  You can watch the video for the song, Come For A Ride, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!