Saturday, December 25, 2010

Artist: Taxi Chain, Album: Stuck On A Cold Steel Pole, Song: Cheer My Baby Up For Christmas

"Please Santa please, I'm down on my knees, cheer my baby up for Christmas.  Tell me what to say, what to get, who to pay, cheer my baby up for Christmas."  Taxi Chain are a band from the Toronto area that purvey an eclectic mix of roots rock, Celtic, r&b and jazz sounds.  They boast instruments as diverse as the bagpipe, mandolin and saxophone.  The band includes Grier Coppins, Ayron Mortley, Jim Bish, Josh Hicks and Dennis Mohammed.  They released their self titled debut in 1993 and to date they have at least 5 releases available.  You can follow them at  The album, Stuck On A Cold Steel Pole, is an indie compilation put out in 1995 by Duke Street Records.  It is a collection of songs written about winter and Christmas.  Taxi Chain contributes the rhythm and blues track, Cheer My Baby Up For Christmas.  I find I'm always looking for new and interesting festive music around this time of year.  Boney M tends to get overplayed a bit but then again, there is nothing wrong with that!  You can purchase this album on Itunes.  You can hear the track, Cheer My Baby Up For Christmas, on You Tube (  Happy Holidays!