Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Artist: The Box, Album: The Best Of, Song: L'Affaire Dumoutier (Say To Me)

"On the 14th of October, very early in the morning.  The results of a crime were found in the stables of "le pere Choupon".  The old man had discovered to his absolute dismay.  The dislocated body of Elizabeth Dumoutier."  The opening verses of one of the most original new wave hits of the eighties.  Sung in both languages and with spoken word dialogue of the characters involved in this murder case.  The Box create a short film out of song.  The band was formed in Montreal in the early eighties and released their debut in 1984.  This track was on their followup in 1985 entitled, All The Time, All The Time, All The Time.  The band would go on to release a couple more albums before briefly disbanding in 1992.  They reformed but with a few line up changes and are still touring and recording today.  You can catch up with the band at www.theboxband.com.  This particular song is available on the original release as well as on two different compilations.  All of the albums are available on Itunes and Amazon.  You can watch the exceptional video for the song on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwAWHOnrKjo).  Thanks for reading and enjoy!