Monday, March 5, 2012

Artist: Dave Pomfret, Album: No Rush, Song: All The While

"I never knew you could be like this when all the while you were such a bitch."  Dave Pomfret is a singer songwriter from Hamilton, Ontario.  His musical roots can be traced back to the eighties and a band called, The Munday Nuns.  His band mates, Gene Champagne and Mike Trebilcock would go on to form the band, The Killjoys (see blog 4/9/11), during the nineties.  When Pomfret decided to release his solo debut in 2009, entitled, No Rush, his old pal, Trebilcock, signed on to produce it.  Much like his producer, Pomfret is a gifted lyricist as well as a musician with great pop sensibility.  This particular track, All The While, has some Elvis Costello flavour to it.  You can check out the tune on You Tube (  Dave Pomfret has been playing regionally most recently and can usually be found at the Rebel Rock Irish Pub in Hamilton.  This particular release was nominated for Folk/Roots album of the year at the Hamilton Music Awards in 2009.  Beyond the world of music, Dave has started his own promotions company as well as The Great Canadian Salsa Company.  He actually pitched the salsa company on the television show, The Dragon's Den.  You can follow him at  You can purchase the album, No Rush, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!