Monday, March 26, 2012

Artist: Memory Day, Album: Jenkin's Farm, Song: Figure It Out

Memory Day were a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  They were Charlie Mackenzie, Lanny Hussey, Todd Oliver and Scott Fletcher.  Their music was a blend of folk and rock.  The band had a song called, Who Is They, featured on an Indie Can  sampler from 1992.  After some digging, I discovered their one and only release from 1992 entitled, Jenkin's Farm.  Apparently, the band took a year to record the album in an old movie theatre in Vancouver.  It's a very strong release with a number of great tracks including this one entitled, Figure It Out.  The album is available for download from Itunes and  Unfortunately, these are likely the only places to hear a sample of the song as well.  The band does have a Myspace page which includes some of the other album tracks (  Charlie Mackenzie is still recording as a solo artist with at least two albums to his credit.  Some of the members of Memory Day are still playing with him as well.  You can follow Charlie at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!