Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Artist: Parachute Club, Album: At The Feet Of The Moon, Song: At The Feet Of The Moon

The Parachute Club were a band from Toronto that formed during the early eighties.  Core members, Laurie Conger, Lorraine Segato and Billy Bryans were actually fixtures on the Toronto club circuit as far back as the early seventies in world rhythm based bands like Mama Quilla and V.  They were connected to the same roots reggae scene that spawned artists like Lillian Allen (see blog 11/20/10) as well as Truth and Rights.  They released their self titled debut in 1983 which included the Juno award winning single, Rise Up.  The album was produced by Daniel Lanois and received some heavy radio and video rotation in Canada.  It would lead to their sophomore release in 1984, entitled, At The Feet Of The Moon.  The title track and lead single was another great song from the band which helped them achieve gold status sales in Canada and win their second Juno for Group Of The Year in 1985.  You can check out a 12" version of the title track on You Tube (  By 1986, R&B heavyweight, John Oates (Hall & Oates), was co-producing their third album and dueting with Lorraine on the lead single.  The band now had an international presence and toured the globe in support of the album.  Unfortunately, personnel changes and lack of support from their label, Current Records, led to the band folding in 1989.  They would release a greatest hits compilation in 1992 entitled, Wild Zone, which also includes this track.  The band has also reformed in recent years to play the odd festival or show.  Lorraine has continued as a solo artist and you can follow her at  Bryans went on to produce and play with a number of Canadian artists including Lillian Allen, The Phantoms (see blog 1/28/11) and Dutch Mason.  Thankfully and rather recently, the Parachute Club discography was added to Itunes.  You can now find this song on the original release as well as the Wild Zone compilation on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!