Friday, October 22, 2010

Artist: Yoko Casionos, Album: These Are The New Old Times, Song: Cameras On

"I can't recall if there were cameras on.  Looking back I was on the run."  The Yoko Casionos are a band from Vancouver.  They are siblings, Misty and Chad Reid, Juice and Kieron Rhys Drake.  These Are The New Old Times was their debut album for Universal Music in 2006.  It was recorded in Vancouver with Todd Simcoe (Pure) and mastered in Toronto with Noah Mintz (hHead).  It's a great power pop album and the song, Cameras On, is one of the highlights.  At their peak, they were performing with bands like Ted Leo & the Pharmacists.  The band took a bit of a break but is back in the studio recording their second album as we speak.  They expect to release it by 2011.  They are also playing in the Vancouver area and showcasing some of their new material.  The drummer, Juice, has a blog similar to my own at (Switching To The Vapour State).  You can follow the band at  The album, These Are The New Old Times, is available on Itunes and at  You can watch the video for Cameras On, on You Tube (  As always, you can hear this song as well as others that I blog about each day on Live 365 (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!