Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artist: The Whereabouts, Album: Pop Filter, Song: Touch The Ground

"You'll never hear me make a sound.  I never touch, touch, touch, touch, touch the ground."  The Whereabouts were a rock band from Montreal, Quebec.  They were Andrew MacNeill, Patrick Curley, Dan Cotnoir and PJ.  Their one and only album, entitled, Pop Filter, was recorded in Montreal and released in 2001.  It featured Juno nominated, Francophone songstress, Anik Jean, Sophie Trudeau from the band, Godspeed You Black Emperor! as well as British producer, Neil O'Connor.  Neil has a deep history in music that dates back to the punk and new wave movements in Britain.  One of his first bands, The Flys, toured with The Buzzcocks ("Orgasm Addict") and he later worked on albums by bands like Modern English ("I Melt With You") and The Human League ("Don't You Want Me").  After working with French Canadian band, The Box, he moved to Montreal and began working with Canadian artists.  The Whereabouts were one of those bands and they put out a solid record together.  The have a power pop sound and this particular track, Touch The Ground, reminds me of Aussie band, The Vines ("Don't Listen To The Radio").  It's a great tune and you can hear the song on You Tube (  There isn't much written about the band to know exactly what happened to them following this release.  They did enter music as established professionals in other fields like law and business and I believe most, if not, all the members have returned to their previous careers.  Patrick Curley is an entertainment lawyer in Montreal.  You can purchase the debut album from The Whereabouts, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!