Thursday, June 30, 2011

Artist: Change Of Heart, Album: Smile, Song: There You Go

"Earth speaks in many voices."  Change Of Heart were a rock band from Toronto that formed in the early eighties.  They were on the scene for more than a decade and recruited a number of well known musicians during that time.  The one constant member of the band was Ian Blurton.  For myself, this band hit my radar in the early nineties when music changed and anything remotely grunge was the craze.  Change of Heart were one of many strong bands to emerge at that time like Glueleg (see blog 10/8/10), Mystery Machine (see blog 6/2/11), Sloan, King Cobb Steelie (see blog 1/15/11) and the list goes on and on and on.  Smile was a pivotal release in 1992 with Cargo Records.  The song, There You Go, garnered the band their one and only Top 40 single.  The band would release six albums before breaking up in 1997.  They were obvious college and alternative radio mainstays but as well, produced a few videos for their singles which helped the band gain some national exposure.  One of the last incarnations of the band from 1997 actually reformed in 2009 to play live.  Ian has gone on to apply his skills on the production side of the music business as well as form a few other hard rocking bands like Blurtonia (see blog 11/22/10) and his current band, C'mon.  For the last couple of months, C'mon has been offering one free download per week of a song from their most recent album.  You can follow them at  The band is also on a cross Canada tour at the moment and will be in Manitoba and Saskatchewan this weekend.  You can hear the song, There You Go, on You Tube (  The Change Of Heart discography is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there were copies trading on Amazon between $10 and $100.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!