Monday, May 30, 2011

Artist: Fox Jaws, Album: Goodbye Doris, Song: Warm Winter Coats

Fox Jaws are a rock band from Barrie, Ontario.  They formed in 2003 and released a couple of EP's.  They released their debut full length in 2007 with Chaulk Records, entitled, Goodbye Doris.  For this particular release, the band included founders Dan Allen and Brandyn Aikins along with Carleigh Aikens, Brock Swanek, Derek McColeman and Andrew Shropshire.  The band has a really unique sound and the track, Warm Winter Coats, seems to incorporate everything from hand claps to foot stomps in it's pulsating rhythm.  It's a wonderful tune and Carleigh's vocals are outstanding.  The band would sign on with indie label, Nevado Records, for their next release in 2009.  They would go through some line up changes as well.  The band has taken a break from music recently, as the members have gone off to pursue different things.  Of note, founders, Dan and Brandyn have started a really cool rock band called Indian Handcrafts (  You can keep tabs on Fox Jaws at  You can hear the song, Warm Winter Coats, on You Tube (  The album, Goodbye Doris, is available on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!