Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Artist: Texas Audio, Album: CFNY New Music Search 1992, Song: UFO

"UFO's from outer space scrutinizing our human race.  Interceptors on the chase, the earth feels like a lonely place."  Texas Audio was the alias of electronic artist, John Greczula, from Woodstock, Ontario.  He entered CFNY's new music search in 1992 and contributed this track called UFO.  It is a sample heavy dance track about UFO sightings that is reminiscent of music by bands like the Utah Saints and the Information Society.  It got some decent airplay during the contest.  1992 was a very good year for CFNY as this new music search spawned a number of great indie acts like hHead, One, Rail T.E.C. and Teknicolor Raincoats to name a few.  Texas Audio had another single that was making the rounds on various compilations at the time, called, Assassin.  However, I don't believe they ever released an album.  John is also credited with a lot of remix production for various artists during the 90's as well.  The new music search compilations are a rarity and likely only found in used records stores or thrift shops across the country.  Definitely worth picking up if you find one.  You can hear the song, UFO, on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQO2DrKQvfE).  Thanks for reading and enjoy!