Monday, January 31, 2011

Artist: Helen R, Album: Through The Darkest Days And Endless Nights, Song: Just Tell Me Who You Are Again

"It's getting late.  I thought my children would have come because they live near.  The nurses tell me that they visit but I've never seen them here.  But it was really good to talk to you, did you tell me your name?  While your face sure is familiar, just tell me who you are again?"  Helen R was a singer songwriter from Calgary, Alberta.  She was born in England and seemed to spend a lot of time in Australia as well.  I believe she resides there now.  I discovered her on a North By Northeast music sampler from 2001.  I guess you could describe the festival as Toronto's version of South By Southwest which occurs in Austin, Texas every year.  I'm not sure if they actually release these compilations anymore but they have become quite a rarity and offer a unique historical glimpse of the local Canadian indie scene that existed at the time.  My wife played the festival for a few years and had a few of these discs lying around.  Getting back to Helen R though, she had released two albums, her first in 1996 and her second in 1999, entitled, Through The Darkest Days And Endless Nights.  The latter featured this track called, Just Tell Me Who You Are Again, which was written about Alzheimer's Disease.  It's a real folky track with outstanding lyrics.  Her albums are very difficult to find and I don't own one myself.  You can hear the song, Just Tell Me Who You Are Again, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!