Friday, April 8, 2011

Artist: Oliver Schroer, Album: Whirled, Song: Sit By Me

Oliver Schroer was a violinist, composer and educator from Toronto, Ontario.  He released his debut in 1989 and has composed over 1000 pieces of music, recorded 12 albums, has produced many more and appeared on 100+ albums.  He's played with Jesse Cook, Spirit Of The West and Great Big Sea.  He's toured North America and Europe as well.  He was a musician with an open mind as well as a palate for diverse forms of music ranging from Celtic to Balkan and Jazz to Folk.  My wife introduced me to his music.  She had seen him perform at a workshop while she was attending university.  She purchased a few of his albums after that show but her favourite was a song called, Sit By Me, from his third release, Whirled.  If you aren't moved by this song you better check for a pulse!  Oliver succumbed to leukemia in July of 2008.  He had played a farewell concert in June of that same year.  Apparently, he had also completed his final composition the day before he died.  His posthumous album, Freedom Row, was released in 2010 with Borealis Records.  You can read about this remarkable man at  His discography, including the album, Whirled, is available for sale at  You can hear the song, Sit By Me, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!