Monday, October 31, 2011

Artist: Baba Brinkman, Album: Swordplay, Song: El Plantador

Baba Brinkman is a hip hop artist from Vancouver.  He has a Masters degree in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature.  He started recording following his graduation in 2003.  By 2006, he released his debut album entitled, Swordplay.  Baba spent many years working as a tree planter in the B.C. wilderness and the song, El Plantador, is a reflection on that time.  You can check out this great track on You Tube (  Baba's strength is obviously in his word play.  He is a fantastic MC and I guess you would have to be in order to tackle the subject matter he speaks about.  Many of his albums are actual plays and one in particular is currently an off Broadway play about Darwin and his teachings from a hip hop perspective.  One of his earlier plays was an interpretation of Chaucer's literary works.  He has played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland where he has won an award and has toured through the U.K., Australia and the U.S..  His work has also been added to some select school curriculum's.  Baba currently has 12 works released and has founded his own label called Lit Fuse Records.  He has also recorded as part of the duo, Mud Sun.  You can follow him at  You can purchase the album, Swordplay, on Itunes. Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Artist: Smoother, Album: Copycat, Song: Cudjule

Smoother were a four piece band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They had a melodic punk sound and were signed to Sonic Unyon Records.  They were one of a few core bands like Sianspheric (see blog 1/17/11), Treble Charger and Tristan Psionic (see blog 6/3/11) that were generating a lot of buzz on the indie scene.  Their music was featured on a number of the label's compilations and often under the alias, Sponge.  The band eventually switched their name to Smoother when an American band using the same name started to gain popularity.  The band would go on to release their first cassette only album in 1993.  They followed that up with their sophomore release in 1994, entitled, Copycat.  It was a strong album and one of my favourite tunes from the album was Cudjule.  You can check it out on You Tube (  The band would release one more album with Sonic Unyon before landing a major label deal with EMI and releasing their final album, Chasing The Dragon, in 2001.  Their sound was more pop oriented at this point and they had a major single with the song, East Side.  The album would garner the band a Juno nomination for Best New Group in 2002 but they lost out to the band, Default.  Smoother is no longer together but lead vocalist and songwriter, Andrew Franey is still active in music and you can follow him at  He has a very cool cover of Madonna's  Material Girl posted on his website right now which is worth a listen.  Unfortunately, anything earlier than their 2001 release is difficult to track down today.  However, you can purchase the album, Copycat, from the Sonic Unyon website (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artist: Tim Ryan, Album: On Purpose, Song: Two Days, Three Nights

Tim Ryan is a musician from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.  He started playing clubs in the Yorkville club circuit during the mid sixties with a band known as The Amen.  They actually signed with Bernie Finklestein, the True North Records founder, but the band eventually broke up.  Tim would later form a group with former Amen bandmate, Bob Yeomans, called Jackson Hawke, in the mid seventies.  They were signed to CBS Records and released two albums.  They had a major hit with a song called, You Can't Dance, which was later covered by Ricky Nelson and England Dan and John Ford Coley.  Following Jackson Hawke's demise, Tim would release a solo album in 1984 with Duke Street Records, called On Purpose.  Two Days, Three Nights was a strong track from that release and it was also jointly composed with his former Jackson Hawke bandmate, Yeomans.  The track also featured the musical talents of Bruce Cockburn as well as Paul Henderson and Joel Feeney from the band, The Front (see blog 5/23/11).  You can hear the song on You Tube (  Tim was nominated for the Most Promising Male Vocalist Juno as a result.  Tim still writes and performs today and you can follow him at  The album, On Purpose, is available from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artist: Sky, Album: Piece Of Paradise, Song: Strange

Sky were a R&B duo from Montreal, Quebec.  They were James Renald and Antoine Siccote.  They met as students during their time at a musical engineering school and released their debut indie release in 1997.  It did very well within Quebec and attracted the attention of EMI.  The band launched their major label debut in 1999, entitled, Piece Of Paradise.  This was a big pop album in Canada with some hugely popular singles, the would help them attain a national presence.  They won the Juno for Best New Group the following year.  The album spawned the top ten hit, Some Kind Of Wonderful, along with their follow up single, Love Song.  Depending on when or where you purchased this album back in the day, you may have different song lists.  My particular copy included two hidden tracks, one of which was entitled, Strange.  The album was released abroad with different artwork and included these additional tracks.  The album was also re-released in Canada with the two additional songs.  Strange caught my ear because of it's 80's R&B feel.  It's too bad it was never released as a single because it is a strong tune that would have done really well.  You can check it out on You Tube (  Renald would leave the band after this release and now composes music for other artists (  Siccote would carry on with different partners for two more releases before calling it quits in 2003.  Siccote now is a chef and mixologist (  You can purchase the album, Piece Of Paradise, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Artist: Cities In Dust, Album: Night Creatures, Song: Beautiful

Cities In Dust are a punk band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They are Zach Frank, Craig Nordemann, Simon Toye and Matt Winters.  They formed in 2003 and created a buzz on the local scene with their energetic live shows.  Their hard work eventually attracted the attention of indie label, Paper Bag Records (; home to a number of cool artists like Elliot Brood, Matthew Barber (see blog 8/4/10) and Controller.Controller (see blog 7/17/11).  The band actually played a number of gigs with the latter band.  The label would eventually release the band's debut, Night Creatures, in 2006.  The band received some strong radio support and garnered regional award nominations for the release.  The band's music was also included in a number of video games as well as the movie, Superbad.  Beautiful is a dance punk type tune from the Night Creatures' release and you can check it out on You Tube (  You can purchase the album on Itunes.  The band doesn't appear to be recording or touring although I haven't seen an official break up notice.  Simon Toye is involved in a new electronic project called, Stab City Nights (  You can follow Cities In Dust at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Artist: Wyckham Porteous, Album: 3AM, Song: Hungry Heart

"Got a wife and kids in Baltimore jack.  I went out for a ride and I never went back."  Wyckham Porteous is a roots rock artist from Victoria, British Columbia.  Despite his main focus as a songwriter, it was his theatre work in Vancouver that got him discovered along with a radio play that was aired on CBC.  He released his debut album in 1989 which garnered him some national attention and provided him with an opportunity to teach and perform in Austin, Texas.  A demo for his sophomore release found it's way to the indie label, Bohemia Beat, in Denver, which lead to his critically acclaimed release, Looking For Ground, in 1995.  5 albums later and backed by a new label, Cordova Bay Entertainment (, Wyckham continues to release stellar roots based albums.  He is like a fine wine that keeps getting better with age.  He is a wonderful story teller and I am certainly not doing the body of his work any justice by choosing a cover song here from his 2007 release, 3AM.  However, I did read somewhere that he used to get fired from some of his earlier hotel lounge gigs because he refused to play covers.  He apparently felt at the time, that he couldn't perform other people's work very well.  Well in this case, I think he puts forward a very inventive cover of a classic Springsteen song, Hungry Heart.  You can check out the song on You Tube (  You can purchase the album, 3AM, from Itunes.  The album was produced by former Rolling Stone producer and manager, Andrew Loog Oldham.  Wyckham released an album with Bill Bourne under the moniker, Bop Ensemble, in 2009.  You can follow Wyckham at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!     

Friday, October 21, 2011

Artist: Deadly Snakes, Album: Porcella, Song: Debt Collection

The Deadly Snakes were a rock band from Toronto that formed during the mid nineties.  They released their debut album with U.S. garage rock label, Sympathy For The Record Industry.  The band would eventually switch to In The Red Records for their remaining 3 releases.  This L.A. based label's roster included a number of great garage rock revival bands like The Dirtbombs and The Reigning Sound.  The Deadly Snakes toured Canada and the U.S. and by 2004, the band was invited to open for The Hives on tour.  Porcella was the band's final release in 2005.  The band consisted of Andre Ethier, Andrew Gunn, Matt Carlson, Jeremy Madsen, Chad Ross and a keyboardist with the alias, Age of Danger.  It was their most musically ambitious release to date and the band moved themselves into an 18th century cabin in the small, northern town of Ripley, Ontario for the recording.  Taking nothing away from their previous releases, Porcella was more than just a garage rock album and really elevated the band's sound.  The edgy rock sound still existed but it was complimented by string and horn arrangements.  The album was released in both vinyl and cd format yet the vinyl edition was a double album with five extra songs.  The album was also shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize in 2006.  Debt Collection is the album opener and you can check it out on You Tube (  Sadly, the band split in 2006.  Vocalist, Andre Ethier has gone on to release music as a solo artist and you can follow him at  Gunn and Ross formed the band, Quest For Fire, and you can follow them at  You can purchase the album, Porcella, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Artist: Sass Jordan, Album: Tell Somebody, Song: So Hard

Sass Jordan is a musician from Montreal, Quebec.  She was actually born in England but her parents immigrated to Canada when she was very young.  Sass played in a number of bands early in her career.  She also contributed to recordings by artists like Michael Breen (see blog 10/23/10) and The Box (see blog 8/31/10) before embarking on her own solo career.  The first time I likely saw her was in the video for The Box's Closer Together.  She performed in their band for a short time.  In 1988, she captured national and perhaps international attention, with her debut, Tell Somebody.  It was a pop friendly rock album that featured some awesome up tempo tracks like Double Trouble and this hit So Hard.  I absolutely love the guitar intro to this song.  I do remember seeing Sass live at Ontario Place in support of this album way back in the day.  I also played this album front to back many, many times.  This debut would also win her the Juno for Most Promising Female Vocalist in 1989.  Sass would further entrench her status in rock music with her next, grittier release entitled, Racine.  I believe her albums have achieved both platinum and gold status.  She has also toured with bands like Aerosmith and Cheap Trick.  She even performed a duet with Joe Cocker for the movie soundtrack, The Bodyguard, featuring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.  More recently, Sass performed as a judge on the Canadian version of American Idol and in 2009, released her 8th album.  You can check out the song, So Hard, on You Tube (  You can follow Sass Jordan at  The album, Tell Somebody, is available for download from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!   

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Artist: Kris Demeanor, Album: Lark, Song: This Old House

Kris Demeanor is a singer songwriter from Calgary, Alberta.  He released his debut album in 1999 and to date has 6 albums.  He is a very clever and talented lyricist that can convey humour and darkness almost effortlessly in his music.  I discovered his music when he happened to tour through Ontario one summer.  I believe I saw him playing solo at the Hillside festival in Guelph.  That is where I picked up his sophomore release, entitled, Lark.  The track, This Old House, is a song about the dark and disturbing history of an old house.  Kris is backed up by local musicians, Diane Kooch, Peter Moller and Chantal Vitalis.  The album also features musical contributions from Brock Skywalker, formerly of Captain Tractor (see blog 1/27/11).  Kris' most recent effort was released in 2009.  He has also become known for his inventive videos.  One in particular entitled, I Have Seen The Future, won the Best Animated Short Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2008 and was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2009.  You can check out the video for the song about a tennis match between Kris and his father while they are being accosted by three glue sniffing teens on You Tube (  You can also hear the song, This Old House, on You Tube (  Unfortunately, Kris' first two releases are very difficult to find today but his more recent releases are available on Itunes.  At the time of this blog, I couldn't find any copies of Lark available for sale online.  You can follow Kris at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Artist: Richard Newell (aka King Biscuit Boy) Album: Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy, Song: Castin' My Spell

King Biscuit Boy was a blues musician from Hamilton Ontario.  His real name was Richard Newell.  He was a guitarist and harp player who started performing during the early to mid sixties in various r&b bands.  He would eventually hook up with Ronnie Hawkins and perform in his band as well.  Ronnie was the one that actually coined his stage name, King Biscuit Boy, which was in reference to a blues radio show from Arkansas.  Fittingly because Newell's passion for the blues grew from his early days of listening to U.S. blues radio.  It was likely the source of where he first heard this Johnson Brothers' song, Castin' My Spell, that was originally released in 1959.  Newell's ascendancy was remarkable during the 70's.  He signed with Daffodil Records in 1970 and released his first single and album that same year.  He toured internationally during this time and his band was none other than Crowbar (see blog 8/19/10).  By 1974, he switched labels to Epic Records and recorded an album in New Orleans with Allen Toussaint, The Meters and Dr.John.  He has performed and released material under the monikers King Biscuit Boy and Sonny Richards.  However, in 1987, he released his first album under his own name with Stony Plain Records.  It was also nominated for the Juno for Best Roots and Traditional Album.  Sadly, Richard passed away in 2003, but his legacy lives on today.  He released a total of 8 albums in his career, won numerous awards in the blues genre and was nominated for a Juno twice.  You can hear his funky rendition of this blues classic on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Artist: Octoberman, Album: Fortresses, Song: Thirty Reasons

Octoberman is the alias of one, Marc Morrissette.  He is actually from Vancouver originally but relocated to Toronto following the completion of this album.  He released Octoberman's debut in 2005 and has 4 full lengths and one EP to his credit.  This particular album was recorded in Ottawa, Ontario and Portland, Oregon.  Thirty Reasons is a song from the Oregon sessions that features a ukulele and has some wonderful harmonies.  You can watch the video for the song on You Tube (  Octoberman is signed with indie label, White Whale Records (  He has just released a new EP entitled, The Sweater, this month and his forthcoming full length is scheduled for release in early 2012.  He also appears to be working with Andy Magoffin of the Two Minute Miracles (see blog 12/19/10) currently.  You can follow Octoberman at  You can purchase Octoberman's Fortresses release on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Artist: Daddy Szigeti, Album: Daddy Szigeti, Song: Dollar Wager

Daddy Szigeti is a Toronto musician named Dave Szigeti.  He is one of a few musicians like Feist, Gonzales (see blog 9/13/10), Peaches and Mocky, that have developed a stronger following for their music abroad than at home.  Most of those aforementioned musicians show up on his self titled debut which was released in 2000.  The album also featured Howie Beck and Coco Love Alcorn.  Dollar Wager is a catchy pop tune with some intriguing string arrangements.  It is the album opener and you can hear it on You Tube (  There isn't much in the way of press on David's musical exploits up until this album.  Today, David resides in Berlin and continues to release music under the name, Taylor Savvy.  He is very eclectic and seems to be constantly pushing the boundaries of popular music.  His recent work is definitely worth seeking out.  As far as I know, this debut was his only album under the name Daddy Szigeti.  The album can be purchased from Amazon for $10.  You can follow David at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Artist: Young Canadians, Album: No Escape, Song: I Hate Music

The Young Canadians were a punk band from Vancouver that originally formed under the name, The K-Tels, in 1979.  K-Tel was of course, a major music brand and when they threatened to sue the band, the members settled on The Young Canadians.  They were Art Bergmann, Jim Bescott and Barry Taylor.  Art had just left his former band, The Shmorgs (see blog 3/22/11), in suburbia and relocated to the city with some like minded musicians.  They were influenced by the emerging sounds of punk from abroad like the Sex Pistols and The Stooges along with local bands like D.O.A. (see blog 8/15/10) and The Subhumans.  The band only lasted for a year but there was a great deal of buzz generated from their shows.  The notoriety led to an opening slot for the Boomtown Rats during the western Canadian leg of their tour.  The band also played shows in the U.S. and released two EP's before disbanding in 1980.  One of their first singles, Hawaii, became an underground punk anthem of sorts.  Art would go on to play in the band Los Popularos, before embarking on his own solo career.  The label, Sudden Death Records; owned by Joey Shithead of D.O.A., released a retrospective album entitled, No Escape, in 1995.  One very cool song from No Escape is, I Hate Music.  It was first released on a compilation entitled, Vancouver Complication, and you can purchase it on Itunes.  As for the retrospective release, it can be purchased from Amazon for $20.  You can check out the song, I Hate Music, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artist: Malcolm, Album: Coming Outta Nowhere, Song: Cut Across Country Ride

Malcolm Tomlinson is a multi instrumentalist originally from England.  He cut his teeth in r&b bands; playing clubs in London during the early sixties.  He worked the same club circuit as The Rolling Stones and often opened for visiting bands like The Coasters.  He had the chance to record with legendary producer Joe Meek in these early years and by the late sixties, was sharing stages with Jethro Tull and Fleetwood Mac.  He moved to Toronto in 1969 and played in a few bands throughout the early to mid seventies.  He opened for touring bands like The Who and The Grand Funk Railroad.  He also joined Rick James' Stone City Band.  He was a member of Rhinoceros for a brief time as well.  By the late seventies, he decided to form his own band and signed a deal with A&M Records for his debut album, entitled, Coming Outta Nowhere.  It was released in 1977 and it featured Danny Marks (see blog 6/15/11) on guitar, Papa John Creach of Jefferson Starship fame and jazz greats Sonny Seals as well as Randy and Michael Brecker.  The album was recorded in Toronto and Chicago and produced by the legendary Jack Richardson.  Cut Across Country Ride is the album opener and you can hear it on You Tube (  Malcolm would go on to release one more album with A&M in 1979.  The album, Coming Outta Nowhere, is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there were vinyl copies trading on Ebay and Amazon between $5 and $25.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Artist: Donna Makeda, Album: Who Can Endure, Song: Jah Great Woman

Donna Makeda is a reggae artist originally from Guyana.  She immigrated to Canada in 1990 and by 1993, had released her first independent album.  Her background was actually in dance before she arrived in Canada.  She had started her own school in Guyana at the young age of 16 and travelled and performed throughout the country.  It wasn't until she moved to Canada that she began focusing on music.  In 1998, she released her second album entitled, Who Can Endure, and it featured this great track, Jah Great Woman.  She released a video for the song as well which helped with the single's exposure.  Donna has shared the stage with some of reggae's biggest artists like Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths and Buju Banton.  She has received numerous awards in her genre and continues to play abroad and at home.  Along with running her own music label, she produces, acts and publishes her own reggae entertainment magazine (  You can follow Donna at  You can check out the original video for the song, Jah Great Woman, on You Tube (  The album, Who Can Endure, is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, had 1 copy for sale for $12.99.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Artist: The 'B' Girls, Album: Who Says Girls Can't Rock, Song: Two Hearts

The 'B' Girls were a rock band from Toronto that formed in 1977.  They were sisters, Cynthia, Locasta and Rhonda Ross along with Xenia Splawinski.  They apparently made the decision to form a band while attending a Thin Lizzy concert.  They opened for the Viletones in Toronto and by 1979, released their first single, Fun At The Beach.  The single was produced by Bob Segarini (see blogs 1/8/11, 7/3/11).  They would eventually move to New York and open for The Dead Boys at the legendary CBGB's and became a fixture within the city's punk scene.  Cynthia would actually begin dating the late Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys and would establish a residence at the Chelsea Hotel next to Sid & Nancy.  Their debut album, B-Day, was released independently in 1980 and despite not having a major label deal, they befriended Joe Strummer and Mick Jones of The Clash who invited the band to open for them on the eastern leg of their London Calling tour.  They played shows in New York, Boston and Philadelphia supporting the Clash.  They also collaborated with Blondie on one of her recordings.  Sadly, despite their peer support, the band was never able to land a record deal of their own and split in 1981.  In 1997, the Other Peoples Music label, re-released their debut along with some rare and alternate version tracks, entitled, Who Says Girls Can't Rock.  The album is available for download on Itunes.  One particular track that caught my ear was Two Hearts.  You can check out one of two versions from this album on You Tube (  You can read about the band at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!     

Friday, October 7, 2011

Artist: Acid Test, Album: Trip On This, Song: Mr.Skin

The Acid Test were an alternative dance band from Toronto, Ontario.  They were Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall, Mike Harland and Atom Percy.  They released their indie debut, entitled, Trip On This, in 1992, with indie label, Eggplant Records.  The EP received some strong national rotation and was boosted by the Bruce McDonald film, Highway 61, which included two tracks from the album.  One of those tracks was, Mr. Skin, a weird electronic tune that was also the name of the villain in the film.  Steve Fall would actually play the part of the corpse in the movie.  The popularity of this song and EP, led to the band signing a major label deal with Warner Records.  They would re-release this song on their major label debut in 1993, called, Drop.  The band toured Canada and the U.S. and supported bands like Nine Inch Nails during their Downward Spiral tour.  The band would break up before releasing a sophomore album.  Fall and DiSanto would team up again in other bands called On and InnerState before starting their own label, Indiestructable Records (  The company also appears to represent former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul DiAnno.  The Acid Test discography is difficult to track down these days.  However, Indiestructable Records has limited copies of this EP for sale and you can contact them through their website.  You can check out the song, Mr.Skin, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Artist: John K. Samson, Album: Provincial Road 222, Song: Petition

"Where is Reggie Leach was born and played, minor hockey back in my hometown.  The Rifle fired his first 500 here, slapped his way into the NHL.  We the undersigned put forth his name."  John K. Samson is the front man for the band, The Weakerthans.  He is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has a long rock and roll history within the province.  He started his career in the early nineties, playing bass with the punk band, Propaghandi.  He also started writing and performing his own music around the same time.  Following his time in Propaghandi, he started a publishing company and formed the band, The Weakerthans, with some former members of the band, Red Fisher (see blog 11/29/10).  In a span of 14 years and counting, the band has recorded 6 albums and received 3 Juno nominations.  However, more recently, John K. returned to solo recording and released his EP, City Route 85, in 2009.  It is the first in a series of recordings that John plans to release about life in his home province of Manitoba.  The second instalment in that series is Provincial Road 222.  It only includes 3 tracks but I love the song, Petition, which is written about the former hockey player, Reggie Leach.  It is written about a town's petition to have him inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame.  You can check out the track on You Tube (  I'm a sucker for songs with sports references and John is a supremely talented songwriter.  If you enjoy this track, you should seek out the song, Tournament Of Hearts, by The Weakerthans.  Both John K. Samson and his band, The Weakerthans, are currently signed with the Anti-Records label out of Los Angeles (  You can purchase the album, Provincial Road 222, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!     

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Artist: Valdy, Album: Passport Best Of Valdy, Song: Streets Of Whitehorse

"So you go out walking the streets of Whitehorse with all the money that you made.  Buying doubles for the ladies, if you're lucky you'll get laid.  Bars all closed and the cold wind blows and you feel like a fool in your summer clothes and you realize that nobody knows your name.  You're just another southern fool in a northern game."  Valdy is a country folk singer who started his career in Ottawa.  He played with a number of bands before moving to Vancouver in 1966.  He released his debut album, Country Man, in 1972 and rocketed to fame with his first single and biggest selling song, entitled, Rock and Roll Song.  His achievements include 14 albums, 2 Juno awards, 14 Juno nominations, numerous gold records as well as being a recipient of The Order of Canada.  Valdy has become one of our most celebrated artists.  He continues to play live at  home and abroad, averaging 200 shows a year.  You can read about him at  The  70's decade was a key period for Valdy's popularity and by 1976 he had amplified his stage presence with the addition of the Hometown Band (see blog 4/6/11).  He was also signed to A&M Records for most of this period.  In 1980, A&M released the first of many retrospective releases of Valdy's work.  Streets Of Whitehorse was a track originally penned by Canadian folk singer, Bob Ruzicka, and recorded by Valdy in 1977 with the Hometown Band.  Unfortunately, all of these early releases, including the retrospective release, are only available on vinyl and very hard to find.  Some of his hit songs were re-mastered for a 20th Century Masters Millenium release which included this song and it is available on Itunes.  You can hear the song, Streets of Whitehorse, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Artist: Blue Peter, Album: Test Patterns For Living, Song: Same Old Place

Blue Peter were a power pop band from Toronto, Ontario.  They formed in 1978 and joined indie label, Ready Records, for their debut release in 1979, entitled, Test Patterns For Living.  Blue Peter was one of the first bands to emerge in Canada as part of the New Wave movement.  Ready was a perfect label for the band as they also represented a number of similar artists such as The Spoons, The Demics, Steve Blimkie (see blog 2/10/11) and The Extras (see blog 9/18/10).  Blue Peter received some strong radio support and won a number of regional music awards during their tenure.  They toured Canada and opened for international artists like The Boomtown Rats, The Jam, Simple Minds and The Fixx.  They released 5 albums before breaking up in 1985.  The members were Paul Humphrey, Chris Wardman, Owen Tennyson, Jason Sniderman and Rick Joudrey.  Paul would go on to release music as a solo artist as well as with the band, Broken Arrow.  Chris Wardman has become one of our country's most recognized  music producers.  He has worked with artists as musically diverse as Randy Bachman (see blog 11/13/10) and the Rascalz.  Blue Peter has reformed in recent years to play a number of shows with fellow Canadian rockers, Chalk Circle.  You can read about their story at  The song, Same Old Place, was their punk infused lead off track from their debut release and you can hear it on You Tube (  The song was also included on a remastered version of their second release, Radio Silence, which is available from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Artist: Garfield aka Moses Thievery, Album: Rap Essentials 2001, Song: Whatcha Want

"Sleep with one eye open and die with two eyes closed."  Here is another fantastic single from the pioneering label, Beat Factory, and their Rap Essentials series.  The artist is Garfield aka Moses Thievery from Toronto, Ontario.  He released his first single with the Classic Entertainment label in 1997.  The single received some strong support from college radio as well as club DJ's which prompted his follow up single in 2001, entitled, Knock Her.  This particular track, Whatcha Want, was the B side to that single.  It was also included on Beat Factory's Rap Essentials 2001.  Garfield is a talented MC and his style is similar to that of Jay Z.  Unfortunately, there isn't much written about him since his last release so I'm not really sure if he has released any recent material.  The song was produced by Darp Malone who also collaborated with Garfield on his first release.  Darp is now part of a hip hop duo called Hero and you can follow him at  This particular Rap Essentials release is one of the best in the series.  It features some great tracks from artists like Solitair (see blog 3/20/11), Checkmate (see blog 7/27/11) and Mood Ruff (see blog 3/6/11).  At the time of this blog, there were vinyl and CD copies trading on Amazon and Discogs between $20 and $50.  You can check out the song, Whatcha Want, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!