Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Artist: King Apparatus, Album: King Apparatus, Song: Made For TV

"Anything you wanna do, just show me how and I'll do it too."  King Apparatus were a ska band from Toronto, Ontario.  They formed in the late eighties and dropped their first self-titled full length album in 1991.  They got some very good radio support on alternative stations like CFNY in Toronto as well as college radio.  The band toured the country and were often included on festival bills like Molson Park's Canada Day Festivities in Barrie, Ontario.  Their songs were catchy and memorable much like this track from their debut, Made For TV.  I always thought that lead singer, Chris Murray, sounded a bit like Doug & The Slugs as well.  They would release a total of 2 EP's and 2 albums before breaking up in 1994.  Chris Murray moved to California where he has continued to perform and record as a solo artist among other things.  In 2000, the King Apparatus discography was re-released by Asian Man Records and you can purchase it on Itunes.  The band also reformed briefly and apparently recorded some new material that remains unreleased.  You can follow Chris at http://www.chrismurray.net/.  You can hear the song, Made For TV on Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/26524117).  Thanks for reading and enjoy!