Saturday, July 9, 2011

Artist: Rock And Hyde, Album: Under The Volcano, Song: I Will

"You can be a warrior or you can be a slave.  'Cus people they will carry you to the mountain or the grave."  Rock and Hyde were Bob Rock and Paul Hyde.  They formed a well known Canadian band called The Payola$, as high school friends in the late seventies.  The band had some very early success with massive hits for A&M Records like, Eyes Of A Stranger.  However, as their subsequent releases began to fall short of their earlier successes, their label began to meddle with the band's image and sound.  They actually forced them to change their name to Paul Hyde & The Payolas, before disbanding in 1986.  However, the two principle members, Rock and Hyde, returned a year later with this wonderful album, Under A Volcano, with EMI Records.  The album spawned a few singles, but the first two, Dirty Water and this track, I Will, were some of the duo's best work.  The two men would go their own separate ways following this release.  Bob Rock would make a name for himself on the production end of the business.  Notably producing Metallica's widely popular "black" album.  Paul Hyde (see blog 8/18/10) has also remained in music and has released albums as a solo artist.  Under The Volcano is available for purchase on Itunes.  You can watch the video for the song, I Will, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!