Friday, November 11, 2011

Artist: Rasta Survivor, Album: Bustin Out, Song: Plea Fi De Guns Dem

Rasta Survivor were a three piece reggae band that formed during the early nineties.  They were a socially conscious band and the lead single off this release received some notable attention as a result of it's promotion of Gun Amnesty.  The album was jointly released by the band's label, 40 & A Blunt Records along with popular Toronto dance music station, Energy 108.  The song was titled, Plea Fi Dem Guns, and it received major play on video shows like Rap City as well as on the radio.  I believe the video also won some regional awards.  The band would break up shortly thereafter and I'm only aware of founding member, Wayne Reid's (aka Wayne Passion) other projects.  Wayne continues to perform as a reggae artist and has shared the stage with performers like Snow and Bounty Killer.  He originally began his recording career in Jamaica before moving to Canada.  He has a cooking show called, Reggae Kitchen, that you can check out at which also has a link that will allow you to listen to this particular release.  You can also follow Wayne at  You can check out the track, Plea Fi Dem Guns, on You Tube (  The Rasta Survivor album is a very rare find today and at the time of this blog there was one copy for sale at for $20.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!