Sunday, January 23, 2011

Artist: BB Gabor, Album: BB Gabor, Song: Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewelry)

BB Gabor was a new wave artist that began his career in the clubs of Toronto during the late seventies.  He was originally from Hungary but his family were forced to flee that country as a result of Soviet occupation.  He landed in England first before pursuing a desire to travel and seek out the Motown offices in Detroit as his intended destination.  He flew to Toronto because the flight was cheaper and decided to stay there.  He decided to pursue music as a career in his mid to late twenties which is remarkable.  He was signed to Anthem Records and released his self-titled debut in 1980.  His sound was very diverse but mainly alternative rock or new wave.  He would often incorporate traditional sounds from his European upbringing into his music.  His lyricism usually had an underlying socio-political message.  Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewelry) was one of the singles off his debut album.  The album was nominated for a Juno and BB toured Canada in support of the album.  He would release one more album in 1981 before being dropped by Anthem.  He would go on to do production work as well as work with Todd Rundgren.  He apparently was working on a third album which was to be produced by Todd Rundgren but was found dead in his Toronto apartment in 1990.  Truly one of our most diversely talented musicians.  BB's discography was re-released by Pacemaker Entertainment in 2001.  You can purchase a 2on1 compilation of his two releases from Pacemaker at  You can hear the song, Nyet Nyet Soviet (Soviet Jewelry), on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!