Monday, May 2, 2011

Artist: 10 Ft. Henry, Album: Oh Oh, Song: Fish

"Hey you, hey you have you seen my fish?"  10 Ft. Henry were a rock band from Vancouver that had one independent release in 1997, entitled, Oh Oh.  The founders of the band were Janet Panic and a bassist named Dragon.  They played regionally for the most part.  However, they did travel across Canada in support of this release, to play North By Northeast, in Toronto.  They had some major label interest apparently but broke up soon after this release.  The song, Fish, is a great seductive pop tune from their debut release.  Janet Panic has continued on as a solo artist and you can follow her at  The name of the band was taken from a well known live venue in Calgary.    The name of the bar was 10 Ft. Henry and it was derived from a huge wooden cut out of a well known cartoon character named Henry that was in the bar.  Unfortunately, the 10 Ft. Henry debut is hard to come by but there were copies on Amazon trading between $8 and $20.  You can hear the song, Fish, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!