Monday, June 27, 2011

Artist: The Burning Hell, Album: Tick Tock, Song: I Love The Things That People Make

The Burning Hell is a ukulele player by the name of Mathias Kom.  He usually enlists the support of a few musical colleagues to record and tour.  Sometimes the band can expand to more than 15 persons.  He is a quirky and comical individual who is highly entertaining and extremely hard working.  He is on tour in Europe right now playing shows in countries like Germany, Austria, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia and should be back home in Canada by mid-July.  Upon his return, he will begin playing shows in Vancouver and work his way east across Canada.  Mathias was originally from Peterborough, Ontario but recently relocated to Newfoundland.  He released his debut, Tick Tock, in 2006 and has a new album released this year.  To date he has six full length releases and is signed to Weewerk Records.  You can follow him at  I Love The Things That People Make, has probably become one of his most recognizable songs to date and it is from his debut release.  You can hear it on You Tube (  There is also some live footage of him performing available on You Tube which is worth checking out.  You can purchase the debut album at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!