Monday, March 7, 2011

Artist: The Premiums, Album: Recognizer!, Song: White Lightning

"This is a shakedown.  I'm wearing out my halo.  Another nervous breakdown.  You gotta let go.  White lightning!"  The Premiums were a rock band from Toronto that released their debut, Recognizer!, in 2004.  The two main founders of the band were Chris Public and Steve Vibrolux.  The band was a side project of sorts for the two guys who enlisted Justin Heming from the band, Basshornets, as well as Tony Rabalao from Joydrop ("Sometimes I Wanna Die").  Chris Public had already made a name for himself as a member of BTK (hip hop rock band similar to Sugar Ray) and Steve Vibrolux had his own thing going on with Vibrolux.  Recognizer! was a dose of garage ready rock and roll and that was start to finish, an outstanding album.  I first heard the album opener, White Lightning, on an Internet Radio station and bought the album the next day.  I'm sure glad I did because today, it isn't an easy find.  I found some rare copies available online between $15 and $50 on sites like and  Nothing on Ebay or Amazon.  Tragic.  The band would go on to release one more album before focusing on other musical endeavors.  You can check out the Premiums' legacy at  You can check out new material from both Chris Public and Vibrolux respectively at and  You can hear the track, White Lightning, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!