Friday, October 7, 2011

Artist: Acid Test, Album: Trip On This, Song: Mr.Skin

The Acid Test were an alternative dance band from Toronto, Ontario.  They were Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall, Mike Harland and Atom Percy.  They released their indie debut, entitled, Trip On This, in 1992, with indie label, Eggplant Records.  The EP received some strong national rotation and was boosted by the Bruce McDonald film, Highway 61, which included two tracks from the album.  One of those tracks was, Mr. Skin, a weird electronic tune that was also the name of the villain in the film.  Steve Fall would actually play the part of the corpse in the movie.  The popularity of this song and EP, led to the band signing a major label deal with Warner Records.  They would re-release this song on their major label debut in 1993, called, Drop.  The band toured Canada and the U.S. and supported bands like Nine Inch Nails during their Downward Spiral tour.  The band would break up before releasing a sophomore album.  Fall and DiSanto would team up again in other bands called On and InnerState before starting their own label, Indiestructable Records (  The company also appears to represent former Iron Maiden vocalist, Paul DiAnno.  The Acid Test discography is difficult to track down these days.  However, Indiestructable Records has limited copies of this EP for sale and you can contact them through their website.  You can check out the song, Mr.Skin, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!