Saturday, May 21, 2011

Artist: The Gandharvas, Album: Sold For A Smile, Song: Gonna Be So Loose

"When the cock crows gonna be so.  Gonna get set be so loose.  Just as soon as the daylight comes.  Gonna slip right through the noose."  The Gandharvas were a band from London, Ontario that formed in 1989.  Their first name was The Droogs and by 1993, they decided on a name change.  They released their debut in 1994 and produced three albums before breaking up in 2000.  The band's music was a staple on alternative rock radio and it even garnered them a Juno nomination for their debut album as Best New Group.  They were nominated with bands like Big Sugar and the Wild Strawberries (see blog 9/20/10) that year but lost out to Moist.  The members were Paul Jago, Jud Ruhl, Brian Ward, Tim McDonald and Beau Cook.  Sold For A Smile was their last album in 1997 with Universal.  It was recorded in Halifax with producer, Laurence Currie, who has worked with bands like Sloan, Wintersleep and Amelia Curran.  There were a couple of strong singles off this album but for myself at least, I always gravitate back to this rocker, Gonna Be So Loose.  Unfortunately, the band's discography isn't widely available.  At the time of this blog, there were new copies at for $8.  You can hear the song, Gonna Be So Loose, on You Tube (  Paul Jago headed West and then South following the break up of the band and now resides in Arizona.  He has a new band called Said Dog.  You can follow him at  I also found this very cool acoustic rendition of the song in question by Paul at a house concert that was posted on You Tube (  He should definitely re-record this track.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!