Thursday, March 3, 2011

Artist: Rob Lamothe, Album: Wishing Well Motel, Song: Raymond

"I know you know I saw you like I know you saw me."  Rob Lamothe is a singer songwriter from California originally, but has resided in Hamilton, Ontario, since the mid nineties.  Rob was in a California band called the Riverdogs with Def Leppard guitarist, Vivian Campbell.  They were signed to Epic Records in the U.S and released three albums between 1990 and 1993.  Rob then moved to Canada and became immersed in our music scene, releasing albums, producing other artists and touring internationally.  He's remained indie on the surface but his credentials, connections and worldwide notoriety is remarkable.  He frequently tours Europe going as far back to his days with the Riverdogs.  Most recently, his 15 year old son joined him as his touring drummer.  He's written songs for Kalan Porter and toured as a guitarist with Liam Titcomb as well as David Usher recently.  To date he has released 9 solo albums, his most recent in 2006.  Wishing Well Motel was released in 2001.  Raymond is a haunting track with soulful background vocals that was written by a Hamilton artist named, Michael J. Birthelmer.  He plays guitar on this track as well.  It's a beauty and you can hear the song on You Tube (  Rob currently has a publishing deal with Nettwerk Records and you can follow him at  Wishing Well Motel is a difficult disc to track down nowadays.  At the time of this blog, there was one available at Amazon for $25.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!