Monday, July 9, 2012

Artist: Witchkiller, Album: Day Of The Saxons EP, Song: Day Of The Saxons

Witchkiller were a rock band from Ottawa, Ontario.  They were Douglas Lang Adams, Todd Pilon, Steve Batky and Kurt Phillips.  They only had one release which was an EP entitled, Day Of The Saxons.  It was recorded at Phase One Studios in Toronto and released in 1984.  The band broke up shortly thereafter and the members went on to other bands.  Most notably, Adams and Pilon joined the band, Reckless, for a release that same year.  This EP has aged well and has become a highly sought after rarity for metal enthusiasts.  Thankfully though, it can be enjoyed by all since it's re-release on Metal Blade Records.  It is available on Itunes.  There have been many comparisons to bands like Iron Maiden ("Murders In The Rue Morgue", "Infinite Dreams", "2 Minutes To Midnight") and Judas Priest ("Love Bites", "Turbo Lover", "Living After Midnight") as a result of their style and medieval themes within the music.  The title track and album opener is pretty darn good as well and you can check it out at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!