Monday, July 25, 2011

Artist: David Gogo, Album: Different Views, Song: Gold

"Well my buddy Jim Bass, he's a workin' pumping gas.  He makes eight fifty for an hour.  He's got rhythm in his hands as he's tappin' on the cans.  Sings rock and roll in the shower."  David Gogo is a blues rock musician from British Columbia.  He picked up the guitar at the early age of five and was playing and performing by the age of sixteen.  His early years were spent in a band called the Persuaders who opened for blues greats, Albert Collins and Buddy Guy.  He ventured out on his own during the nineties, releasing his debut album on EMI Records in 1994.  He has won countless awards in his musical genre and has been nominated for a Juno numerous times.  He recently released his 11th studio album.  His albums are a real treat.  He likes to pepper his song list with inventive covers that accompany his originals.  He has recorded songs by artists as diverse as the Doors and Animals to Michael Jackson and Depeche Mode.  His album, Different Views, from 2009, featured a cover of the song, Gold, by American musician, John Stewart.  John had a Top 10 hit with this tune back in 1979.  David's version features the vocal talents of one Carolyn Mark (see blog 11/16/10).  You can check out the track on You Tube (  You can also purchase the album on Itunes.  David is currently supporting Johnny Winter on tour in Canada.  You can keep tabs on him at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!