Thursday, January 20, 2011

Artist: Trey Mills, Album: Athabasca, Song: Big Crow Rising

"Big crow rising, dreams are flying, things can never be the same.  Big crow rising, dreams are flying, flying away."  Trey Mills is a singer songwriter from Toronto originally, but now based in Calgary.  He's released one album that I know of, entitled, Athabasca, in 2007.  He produced and wrote all of the songs on the album.  The song, Big Crow Rising, has both a r&b and country feel to it.  The horns give me a Kool & The Gang, Summer Madness, feeling all over again.  I do have a thing for horns though.  Trey seems to be focusing much of his time writing songs and producing albums for other artists on the OP3 label.  He's had some success getting his songs in to films and television as well.  He is also introducing one new song on the first of each month to his MySpace fans.  You can follow him at  The album, Athabasca, is available on Itunes.  You can hear the song, Big Crow Rising, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!