Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Artist: Sky, Album: Piece Of Paradise, Song: Strange

Sky were a R&B duo from Montreal, Quebec.  They were James Renald and Antoine Siccote.  They met as students during their time at a musical engineering school and released their debut indie release in 1997.  It did very well within Quebec and attracted the attention of EMI.  The band launched their major label debut in 1999, entitled, Piece Of Paradise.  This was a big pop album in Canada with some hugely popular singles, the would help them attain a national presence.  They won the Juno for Best New Group the following year.  The album spawned the top ten hit, Some Kind Of Wonderful, along with their follow up single, Love Song.  Depending on when or where you purchased this album back in the day, you may have different song lists.  My particular copy included two hidden tracks, one of which was entitled, Strange.  The album was released abroad with different artwork and included these additional tracks.  The album was also re-released in Canada with the two additional songs.  Strange caught my ear because of it's 80's R&B feel.  It's too bad it was never released as a single because it is a strong tune that would have done really well.  You can check it out on You Tube (  Renald would leave the band after this release and now composes music for other artists (  Siccote would carry on with different partners for two more releases before calling it quits in 2003.  Siccote now is a chef and mixologist (  You can purchase the album, Piece Of Paradise, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!