Monday, May 16, 2011

Artist: The Odds, Album: Bedbugs, Song: Heterosexual Man

"I'm a heterosexual man.  It's just a problem with my glands."  The Odds were a power pop band from Vancouver that formed in the late eighties.  They were Paul Brennan, Steven Drake, Doug Elliot and Craig Northey.  In 1991, they released their self produced debut and were suddenly attracting interest nationally.  The late singer songwriter, Warren Zevon, was so impressed with them that he hired them as his backing band.  They landed a major label deal as a result and the band's popularity gained momentum with strong radio and video support in Canada.  It paved the way for their sophomore release in 1993, entitled, Bedbugs.  It was another really strong album led by this tongue in cheek rocker, Heterosexual Man.  Mr. Zevon even shows up on a couple of tracks playing guitar and piano.  The album garnered them a Juno nomination for Best New Group in 1994, along with Junkhouse, Sloan and The Tea Party.  They all lost to The Waltons that year though.  Despite not winning the hardware, The Odds became one of a small group of new artists that were commanding national attention for their music.  It's actually quite shocking that they were only nominated once considering the number of singles that charted during their career.  The band would suffer through some line up changes in later years but would still produce two more commercially successful albums between 1995 and 1996 before going their own separate ways in 1999.  Many of the members have kept busy with other musical projects over the years.  Northey has released an album with former Gin Blossom member, Jesse Valenzuela, as well as a solo release of his own.  He and current Odds' members, Doug Elliot and Pat Steward are also in a band called Stripper's Union with Rob Baker from the Tragically Hip.  Most of the original line up reformed in 2008 and have released new material and continue to tour.  You can follow them at  You can purchase this album along with their entire discography on Itunes.  You can watch the hilarious video for Heterosexual Man, featuring Kids In The Hall, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!