Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artist: Black Dub, Album: Black Dub, Song: Ring The Alarm

Black Dub are a New York band that is led by the famous Canadian producer, Daniel Lanois (see blog 9/16/10).  Lanois needs no introduction to most.  He produced one of the biggest rock albums in musical history by a band named, U2.  Long before that though, he and his brother operated a studio in Hamilton which laid their imprint on tons of local recordings by up and coming Canadian bands.  In 2009, Lanois, along with jazz drummer, Brian Blade, Daryl Johnson and Trixie Whitley, formed the band, Black Dub, and released their self titled debut on Jive Records in 2010.  The album is a melting pot of styles ranging from roots to r&b and even reggae.  With regards to the latter, they perform a very inventive cover of the Winston Riley song, Ring The Alarm, that was popularized by Tenor Saw during the 80's and then given the hip hop treatment by The Fu-Shnickens during the early 90's.  You can check them out playing the tune live in studio at  This is a really cool disc and it has everything you should expect from a Daniel Lanois recording.  The production is wonderful and keyboardist/singer, Trixie Whitley, has a gritty soulful voice.  She is actually the daughter of the late, American blues guitarist, Chris Whitley.  Black Dub embarked on an international tour in support of this album and the album was nominated in 2011 for Adult Alternative Album Of The Year at the Junos.  Interestingly enough, they lost out to the Daniel Lanois produced album, Le Noise, by Neil Young.  Lanois has currently set up shop in Toronto with his new recording studio and you can follow his band at  You can purchase Black Dub's album on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!