Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artist: Tim Ryan, Album: On Purpose, Song: Two Days, Three Nights

Tim Ryan is a musician from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.  He started playing clubs in the Yorkville club circuit during the mid sixties with a band known as The Amen.  They actually signed with Bernie Finklestein, the True North Records founder, but the band eventually broke up.  Tim would later form a group with former Amen bandmate, Bob Yeomans, called Jackson Hawke, in the mid seventies.  They were signed to CBS Records and released two albums.  They had a major hit with a song called, You Can't Dance, which was later covered by Ricky Nelson and England Dan and John Ford Coley.  Following Jackson Hawke's demise, Tim would release a solo album in 1984 with Duke Street Records, called On Purpose.  Two Days, Three Nights was a strong track from that release and it was also jointly composed with his former Jackson Hawke bandmate, Yeomans.  The track also featured the musical talents of Bruce Cockburn as well as Paul Henderson and Joel Feeney from the band, The Front (see blog 5/23/11).  You can hear the song on You Tube (  Tim was nominated for the Most Promising Male Vocalist Juno as a result.  Tim still writes and performs today and you can follow him at  The album, On Purpose, is available from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!