Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artist: Crowbar, Album: Bad Manors, Song: Too True Mama

"I've got a private eye on your trail.  In fact, I got a private eye on the private eye."  From the band that created one of our most played rock songs, Oh What A Feeling, comes a song about a man being suspicious of his woman's behaviour.  As the chorus goes, you're either too true mama or you're cheating on me.  Crowbar started out as a backing band for Ronnie Hawkins in the late sixties.  They released their debut as a band in 1971, called Bad Manors which included this song and the hit Oh What A Feeling.  They are extremely entertaining.  The music is rooted in blues and early rock n' roll.  On this particular track they pull the funk out of the trunk as they tell the very comical story of an untrue mama and a suspicious papa.  Interesting fact about Crowbar is that they accompanied Pierre Trudeau on his re-election campaign in the early seventies to try and help the former prime minister gain the youth vote.  The band would re-release Bad Manors in the early nineties.  This particular release is widely available on Itunes and  Thanks for reading and enjoy!