Monday, August 23, 2010

Artist: Barstool Prophets, Album: Crank, Song: Little Death

"That night for me just isn't very clear.  I was out tying one on with the guys.  They'll vouch for me. They'll be my alibis.  When I got home I heard the silence crack, voices in my head talking behind my back.  They laughed and laughed as I struck her to the ground but when her head hit the floor they didn't make a sound."  This is some pretty dark stuff.  I remember really hanging on to the words in this song when I first heard it.  Trying to anticipate where the story was going to go.  The singer adds a darker element to the song, using his vocals to mimic the demented anxiety of the subject he is portraying.  Bands that are able to convey such strong imagery and emotion through their music are few and far between.  Sadly, many go unnoticed and never record enough material.  The Barstool Prophets might just be an example of that.  Crank was their first major label release in 1995.  However, some of the songs, like this one, were independently released earlier by this Ottawa based band.  Unfortunately, they followed Crank up with one more album in '97 and then stopped recording.  I don't believe they ever broke up.  There is a website,, but there doesn't appear to be any action going on after 2007.  The lead singer, Graham Greer, appears to be a bit more active on the solo front and his website is  The album is available on Itunes and Amazon.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!