Friday, September 10, 2010

Artist: Sattalites, Album: All Over The World, Song: Wild

"I saw you at a dance one night.  You looked so sweet, you looked so right.  My friends said to watch my step.  You've hurt more guys than any other yet.  But like a fool, I lost my head.  Fell head over heels in love again.  I'm lost, I'm lost for sure, but I'm telling you now, so you better beware.  I'm wild, wild , wicked and wild."  Canada's premier reggae band, the Sattalites, released this rump shaker in 1993 on their release, All Over The World.  Surprisingly, the track was not released as a single but it is one of their most recognizable songs.  I remember watching the band at a summer festival at Molson Park in Barrie and this was a great song to hear live.  The album was recorded in Toronto and Jamaica.  Sly Dunbar (aka Sly & Robbie) was a guest musician on the album.  The Sattalites were a band born out of a music school.  Through that association, some of it's members formed a band and began performing live.  One of the founding members was Fergus Hambleton, who not only wrote this song but handled the vocals and sax on this track as well.  Fergus has had an extensive career in Canadian music both as a solo artist and as a member of another band called A Passing Fancy.  He is still active in music and the Sattalites continue to perform live.  You can follow them on their label's website at  The album, All Over The World, is available on Itunes, Amazon and from Solid Gold Records.  You can hear the track, Wild, on You Tube (  As always, you can hear this track and others that I blog about each day on Live 365 (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!