Friday, March 2, 2012

Artist: Wrabit, Album: Tracks, Song: Unsung Hero

Wrabit were a rock band originally from Ottawa, Ontario.  The band had numerous line up changes throughout their career but the beginning of the band's roots can be traced back to the early seventies.  They started out as a cover band and eventually moved on to Toronto and landed a deal with MCA Records.  The band had garnered a strong regional following up until this point so their self titled debut release in 1981 was already starting to generate significant buzz.  The debut was re-issued a year later under a new name, Wrough And Wready, which coincided with it's international release.  The band toured internationally and had developed quite a following in Japan.  They also opened for bands like Black Sabbath and Rush.  Tracks, was their second release in 1982 and it featured former Max Webster member, Gary McCracken, on drums.  Unsung Hero is one heck of a tune from this album.  It shows the dichotomy of their sound whereby they mixed an intense, heavy metal sound with a more melodic synthesizer based melody.  Lead singer, Les Nadeau, has some of the strongest vocal pipes I've ever heard.  You can check out this tune on You Tube (  The band would release one more album in 1983 before calling it quits.  Many of their releases were re-issued by MCA in later years but Tracks appears to be the only one available on Itunes for download.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!