Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artist: The Jeremiahs, Album: You and I, Song: Walk Of Shame

The Jeremiahs were an alt-country band from Toronto, Ontario.  More specifically, the community of Ward's Island.  They were multi-instrumentalist brothers, Chris and Jeff Wilson, along with their spouses, Cath Campbell and Carey West as well as John Gallo Mazzei.  They released their first independent album under the name, The Hokey Jeremiahs, in 2001, entitled, Holy Cow!, which perked a few ears.  This eventually led to a recording grant and their subsequent 2003 release entitled, You And I.  The album featured local musicians, Rebecca Campbell (see blog 6/4/11, 4/3/12), Kevin Fox (8/3/11, 3/23/12), Tim Bovaconti and Steve Briggs.  Both Bovaconti and Briggs are very respected guitar players that need no introduction and have been around the scene for a great many years.  Bovaconti is currently touring with Randy Bachman (see blog 11/13/10, 11/9/11) and Burton Cummings.  Briggs actually lent his talents to some of my wife's recordings and is one of the nicest people I've ever met.  This particular track entitled, Walk Of Shame, is an instrumental that conjures up memories of Johnny Cash.  I happened to catch the band playing at Harbourfront in Toronto by chance and picked up their disc.  Carey West and the Wilson brothers were also in a reggae/funk band called, The Liquidaires, around the same time for a couple of releases.  Today, Carey West is a solo artist and you can follow her at http://careywest.com/.  Her husband, Jeff Wilson, is very involved in world music and is a member of the Juno nominated bands, Jaffa Road (http://www.jaffaroad.com/) and Maza Meze (http://www.mazameze.com/).  Unfortunately, The Jeremiahs' discography is a very hard find these days.  I couldn't find any copies of the album, You And I, for sale at the time of this blog.  Carey has posted some MP3's on her website for download but this particular track isn't included.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!