Friday, February 25, 2011

Artist: The Super Friendz, Album: Sticktoitiveness, Song: Machine Green

"He's an old drinking buddy with a very good laugh.  He hit on his wife and fired his staff."  The Super Friendz were a rock band from Halifax.  They started out in the early nineties and recorded their first full length release with Murder Records (a label run by the guys from Sloan), in 1995.  Chris Murphy from Sloan actually played drums with them for a short time.  They were one of a few bands like Thrush Hermit (see blog 9/5/10), Jale, Hardship Post, The Inbreds and Eric's Trip, that benefited from the attention Sloan was getting.  Halifax was being dubbed as the next Seattle here in Canada and Murder Records played a big part in getting the local music of that province heard.  The Super Friendz would release a few albums and were nominated for a Juno in 1996 as a result of their debut album.  They lost out to Art Bergmann though. The album, Sticktoitiveness, was a compilation of sorts, released in the year of their break up.  It was their debut American release with March Records out of Chicago and it was comprised mainly of tunes from their earlier releases with Murder Records.  The album is available on Itunes for download.  The band reformed in 2003 and released another album with the label, Outside Music.  They are currently still with that label.  You can hear the song, Machine Green, on You Tube (  You can follow the band at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!