Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Artist: Painter, Album: Painter, Song: West Coast Woman

"She's got flowers on her jeans, you know she's got the means to keep you grinning."  Painter were a Vancouver band that was spawned from the sixties band, 49th Parallel.  That band had gone through some personnel changes and by 1970, the current members decided to change their name to Painter and release a couple of non-charting singles.  It wasn't until 1973, that they released their self titled debut with Elektra Records.  The lead track, West Coast Woman, was a Top 20 hit here in Canada.  The men in the band were Dan Lowe, Doran Beattie, Wayne Morice, Barry Allen and Bob Ego.  The album was recorded in Seattle, Washington and would be their only release.  Doran, Dan and Wayne would go on to form Hammersmith in 1974 and release a couple of albums.  Following that, the artists went their separate ways in music.  Dan would resurface again in the eighties, with the band, Prototype (see blog 8/11/10).  In later years he would also find success in the field of recording technology.  If you like southern rock with a little bit of boogie this tune should appeal to you.  It's a free-spirited classic that doesn't get played enough today.  The album was actually re-released by Wounded Bird Records in 2009.  You can purchase new copies of the self titled debut at  You can hear the song, West Coast Woman, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!