Monday, April 18, 2011

Artist: Wild T & The Spirit, Album: Love Crazy, Song: Love Crazy

Wild T & The Spirit is a rock band from Toronto.  Their leader is guitarist/vocalist, Tony Springer, who was born in Trinidad but raised in Toronto.  One of his earliest gigs was with Rough Trade.  He filled in as their guitarist around the time they were releasing their Birds Of A Feather compilation.  He released his debut Wild T album in 1991 called, Love Crazy.  Wailing guitars and lots of soul.  He had a few singles do very well on FM radio in Canada, including the title track, Love Crazy.  The band landed the opening slot on Bon Jovi's, Keep The Faith, Canadian tour.  They also caught the attention of David Bowie who saw one of their videos while on tour in Montreal with his band, Tin Machine.  He would eventually ask Tony to work with him on his Black Tie White Noise album.  Following that recording, he joined Bowie on tour, playing Letterman, Arsenio and The Tonight Show as his guitarist.  He would release another Wild T album in 1993 which also did very well on the radio in Canada.  To date the band has five full length releases, the most recent in 2008, and continues to tour internationally.  Wild T & The Spirit are constantly playing live and likely perform close to 200 shows a year.  You can follow them at  You can watch the video for Love Crazy on You Tube (  The album, Love Crazy, is a difficult find today and likely out of print.  Amazon had a few copies for $50 available.  The band released a compilation in 2005, entitled, I've Got The Rhythm, which also includes this song.  It is available on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!