Monday, May 14, 2012

Artist: Gentleman Reg, Album: Jet Black, Song: You Can't Get It Back

Gentleman Reg is a singer songwriter from Toronto, Ontario.  He recorded his indie debut in 2000 entitled, Theoretical Girl, and proceeded to churn out two more releases over the next four years.  He has played with The Hidden Cameras as well as with members of The Broken Social Scene, Islands (see blog 11/28/10),  The Great Lake Swimmers, Sloan, The Constantines (see blog 8/15/11) and Ohbijou to name a few.  In 2008, he signed with Arts & Crafts; home to Feist and The Broken Social Scene.  He re-released some songs from his previous albums on a compilation entitled, Little Buildings, and then primed the world for his fifth album, Jet Black, by releasing the single, You Can't Get It Back.  This is an absolute glam rock classic.  I hear a lot of Marc Bolan (aka T.Rex, "I Love To Boogie") and David Bowie in this tune.  It is also similar to David Garza's This Euphoria album.  It is a wonderful song that deserved more recognition than it received and you can check it out at  I came upon his music quite late.  I happened to turn on the TV one day and saw this program called, Transit, which featured the band performing in an old streetcar (  He is definitely an artist deserving of much more recognition than he receives.  You can follow Gentleman Reg at  You can purchase the album, Jet Black, from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!