Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artist: Kensington Market, Album: Avenue Road, Song: I Would Be The One

"If you needed someone to love you when you needed them."  Kensington Market were a rock band that formed in the late sixties.  They were brought together by True North Records founder, Bernie Finkelstein.  The band included Keith McKie, Gene Martynec, Alex Darou, Jimmy Watson and Luke Gibson.  Jimmy Watson was actually Van Morrison's cousin.  The band had a couple of singles in 1967 before signing with Warner and releasing their debut entitled, Avenue Road, in 1968.  I Would Be The One was the single and lead off track on the album.  The band did well in the few years they were together and toured the U.S. on a couple of occasions.  They would go on to release one more record in 1969 before calling quits.  Gene Martynec developed a strong reputation in later years as a producer in Canada, working with Rough Trade and The Queen City Kids (see blog 10/26/10).  Their discography has been re-released by Pacemaker Entertainment (  You can purchase the album from their website for $14.  You can hear the song, I Would Be The One, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!