Saturday, April 23, 2011

Artist: Blinker The Star, Album: Still In Rome, Song: Live By The Gun

"Oh sister, I'm just a blister on your pretty hand don't you know."  Blinker The Star is the brainchild of one Jordon Zadorozny from Pembroke, Ontario.  Jordon relocated to Montreal in the early nineties and played guitar in a band called Tinker.  A female bassist by the name of Melissa Auf der Maur was also in the band Tinker but soon left to join Courtney Love's band, Hole.  Following her departure, Jordon decided to form his own band called, Blinker The Star.  The band independently released their debut album which generated some critical acclaim and had them touring North America.  By 1996, A&M Records was on board for their second release which was recorded in California.  Jordon was also invited to write songs with Courtney Love around the same time.  Dreamworks then signed Blinker and they would release a third album in 1999.  However, unsatisfied with the new recordings, the label and artist decided to part ways.  In 2003, Blinker The Star released these recordings independently and called the album, Still In Rome.  Live By The Gun is a dirty little rock and roll song off this album.  The album was initially recorded in Pembroke with additional sessions in California.  Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham contributed guitar and vocals on this album as well.  Today, Jordon continues to run French Kiss Studios in Pembroke, Ontario.  He is responsible for recording Sam Roberts' Inhuman Condition release.  You can follow Jordon at  He has been involved in a number of different projects since 2003.  The most recent that I've read about is called Sheloom (  Apparently he is also working on a solo endeavour which could be another Blinker The Star release.  You can purchase, Still In Rome, on Itunes or at Maple  You can hear the song, Live By The Gun, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!