Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Artist: Vehicle, Album: Vehicle, Song: Mr. Skin

Vehicle were a rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They released their self-titled debut in 1977 with the Skyline record label.  The album was distributed by Quality Records and featured a cover song as the lead off track.  The song was called, Mr. Skin, and it was originally recorded by American band, Spirit, on their 1970 release, Twelve Dreams Of Dr. Sardonicus.  Interesting fact about this song.  It wasn't released as a single by Spirit upon the album's initial release but rather three years later when their record company issued a Best Of Spirit compilation.  So this song was likely still fresh in every one's ears when Vehicle recorded it in 1977.  In hindsight, with the band's trumpet and keyboard elements, it was a perfect fit for this 6 piece band.  The members were Carlo Dibattista, Bert Garfield, Martin Wall, Owen Thomas Smith, Rick Llewellyn Hawksby and Robert Scott Wilson.  This album was re-released by Unidisc in later years and is available for download on Itunes.  You can check out the song, Mr. Skin, on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D-tUBcKmXA&feature=channel_video_title).  Thanks for reading and enjoy!