Saturday, May 7, 2011

Artist: Rail T.E.C., Album: Never Coming Down, Song: Guilt

"Hello teenage America."  Rail T.E.C. were an alternative band from Toronto.  They were one of a few exciting bands to emerge in the early nineties and were discovered through a Homegrown Talent Contest at CFNY 102.1.  I believe they even won it.  The notoriety from the contest landed them a deal with Intrepid/EMI records and they released their debut, Never Coming Down, in 1993.  The band did some opening gigs with 13 Engines (see blog 2/5/11) as well.  I first heard the song, Guilt, on CFNY back in 1992 and it reminded me of the band Shriekback.  The station included the song on their Homegrown Contest CD release that year.  I've actually blogged about another band called, Texas Audio (see blog 2/1/11), who were on this same release.  The album was recorded in Toronto at the legendary Metalworks studio.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the band or it's members and from what I understand, this was their only release.  The initials T.E.C. stand for Technology Exploitation Communications.  Today, the album, Never Coming Down, is a difficult find but there were copies trading on Amazon, Ebay and Discogs between $5 and $25.  You can hear the song, Guilt, on You Tube (  This particular mix was taken from the CFNY new music search sampler in 1992.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!