Saturday, June 4, 2011

Artist: Rebecca Campbell, Album: Tug, Song: Stumble

Rebecca Campbell is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Ottawa, Ontario.  She started her career in music during the mid eighties and by 1987, fronted her first band, Fat Man Waving.  They were a collective of local musicians that played very eclectic music.  They released three albums, toured Canada and the U.S. and were signed briefly to Aquarius/EMI for their last release in 1995.  Rebecca had many projects through the eighties and nineties that sort of overlapped each other.  She played in Jane Siberry's band and was a member of an a capella band called Three Sheets To The Wind.  In 1999, she began collaborating with a man named Justin Haynes which would yield her debut, Tug, as well as a sophomore album in 2002.  Fiddle player, Oliver Schroer (see blog 4/8/11), plays on this album as well.  Stumble is a groovy tune from her debut release.  Rebecca now sings with a band called Pork Belly Futures and you can follow them at  You can hear the song, Stumble, on You Tube (  Her discography is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there were copies of Tug trading on Amazon between $5 and $50.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!