Friday, February 4, 2011

Artist: Tricky Woo, Album: Sometimes I Cry, Song: Fly The Orient

"When the sun goes down, she comes around!"  Tricky Woo are a rock band from Montreal.  They specialize in fuzzed out, garage rock.  Contemporary comparisons might include The Hives.  They released their debut in 1997 and to date, have 5 full  length releases, their last in 2005.  Sometimes I Cry was their third release in 1999.  Fly The Orient is one of a dozen hard rocking tracks from an album that never quits.  It is an absolute rock and roll blast from the past.  The band was actually nominated for a Juno in 2000 for this album.  They were up against some big competition that year (Danko Jones, Thrush Hermit, Len) and lost to Julie Doiron (Eric's Trip).  The unfortunate part about garage rock revivalist bands like Tricky Woo, is that they get very little support.  Alternative radio shuns them for sounding too classic rock and Classic Rock radio won't play them because they haven't been around for 30 years.  Following their 4th release in 2001, the band called it quits to focus on other musical interests.  A year later, some of the members re-surfaced as Soft Canyon.  They reformed in 2005 as Tricky Woo.  Today, I'm not exactly sure which band has more precedent but regardless, it's great to hear that these talented musicians are still recording.  You can purchase the album, Sometimes I Cry, on Itunes.  You can hear the song, Fly The Orient, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!